Gomukha Tirtha

This is on the right side in the temple. The water from the gomukha is always used for the bath of the idol.

Pilgrims also take bath here and then visit the temple. The water flow is continuous for all times.
Kallola Tirtha

This is on the left side in the temple. It is believed that Lord Brahma ordered all rivers and seas to pour their waters in the pond.

As all of them come together they make loud noise, (i.e.Kallola).

Mankavatee Tirth

This place is also known as Shree Vishnoo Tirtha. It is on the north east side omf the main temple. Lord Vishnoo, helps pilgrims to please Shree Bhavanee Mata, thus it is believed. Paapa-nashee Tirtha

This is on the south of Tuljapur. It is situated on the top of a hill viz. Balaghat.
(More about this is available in the mythological stories section.)

Well And Tanks

There are seven main wells.
They are -

                        4  well of Ahilyadevi
                        4  well of Bhagavatee
                        4  well of Lingappa Nai
                        4  well of Mankavatee
                        4  well of Mankavatee
                        4  well of Samarga buva
                        4  well of Kota

There are three big tanks.
They are -

                       4  Bidakar Tank.  In this tank there is a well-builtwell.
                       4  Kalabhairva tank
                       4  Ramadra tank
                      On the eastern border of the town there is village gate built of stones.  Two stone inscriptions are by its side.

Other religious places

In addition to the above –  temples there are some temples of god Hanuman.
Kamanvesa Hanuman, Paapnasha Hanuman, Sonya Marutee, Shukrawar Peth Hanuman, Mankavetee galli Hanuman, Malavarcha Hanuman.
Some temples of god Datta are also there.

It is on the back side of the monastery of saint Bharateebuva. On the upper side of the wall there is a small image / a phallus of god Shankara. (Pinda). On the no-moon night of Monday the river Ganga arises here. It gives a sacred bath to the phallus and then the water disappears. Many times it is boiling water; some people have witnessed the event. In the premises of the temple this kunda is situated.  It is on the back side of the small temple of goddess Matanga.
It is believed that if one takes a bath here he or she becomes me tally calm and quite.
This is in the temple premises.  It is also known as Sudha-Kunda. 

It is believed that if one takes a bath in this kunda his death is post-pone.